2008 Coffee House of Record Report

One of the first things I did when I moved to Ypsilanti was to search for my Coffee House of Record — the place that was my coffee house. After some searching, I decided February of last year to make the Ugly Mug my CHoR.

My habbit, since I came with the idea a couple years ago with Stomping Grounds back in Ames was to keep track of everything I spent, and add it up each year. It's interesting to keep track of that, and in any case keeping useless data is my kind of thing.

So, in the year 16 February 2007 until 15 February 2008, I spent a total of $467.29 on 183 different days visiting the Mug. That averages out to just over $2.55 per vist, or just over $8.98 a week. It adds up, but really, most evenings I hang out there, and it's pretty much my default entertainment. $9 a week is pretty cheap entertainment.