Bike Polo

What a wonderful thing it is after a winter of cold to be outside on a day when it feels like spring is finally here to stay.

Today was the first day it was warm enough for us to play bike polo outside. Now, it was nice that during the winter we were down in the Thunderdrome, so we could keep playing throughout the cold season, but, man, it felt good to be outside. There were a ton of people out at Palmer Field as well, and we had at one point ten people playing polo. A five-on-five game is a fine thing indeed.

After the game, Adam, Piet, Nick and I wandered over to Arbor Brewing for some noshing, where I fell into old man telling stories mode and got out "The Night Tupac Died" and "The Trip Into The Ninth Ring of Hell". It was fun hangning out, and the Irish vegetable stew was pretty good (but they need to give you much more kale --- the kale they put on top is tasty but only a bite or two).

All in all, a good evening. I'm too beat to do laundry, but, hey, what's one more day?