'Zero-Factor' Apps

I'm at Container Days NYC 2016 and during the OpenSpaces kick-off session I might have invented the term 'zero-factor' apps.

A play on the Twelve-Factor App methodology, 'zero-factor' might be considered things that are basically the opposite of whatever twelve-factor is. I thought of it as

If I were going to start something new now, I'd likely do twelve-factor or something very akin to it. But I'm stuck with legacy apps that aren't going to get much (if any) love any time soon, or the process of making those apps is going to take a lot of time — they're 'zero-factor'.

In the meantime, however, what strategies can we come up with to help get some of the advantages of containers (primarily, in my mind, "Here's a blob that contains this shitty thing, all I have to deal with is shoving this blob (the container) around") during this transition?