Dear Google Recruiters

Hi! You, or one of your colleagues, has decided to recruit me for Google. Typically, I've been reluctant to consider Google as part of my career path, but I thought I'd give you folks a chance. But first, a story.

Back in the Mists of Time(TM) (July 2006) I created a YouTube account at Then, Google, starting along the path to becoming the computing behemoth we think of it today, bought out YouTube. For the longest time, I resolutely refused to associate a Google identity with YouTube, logging in with the account name "tproa" for years, until I finally gave in (I think when you folks made it near impossible not to), associating it with "".

Then you folks unleashed Google+ on the world, and I'm pretty sure I refused to tie that to my YouTube videos at all.

Then we come to 2015. I've decided that running my own imap service just isn't as much fun as it used to be, and I moved my primary domain,, to be a Google Apps domain. Of course, when I did that, I had to rename the former Google identity of '' so I could have it in my new GAFYD, so I renamed it '', and made '' one of the accounts in my GAFYD.

When I did that, suddenly all videos associated with vanished, and I couldn't see them logged in as either or Much sadness ensued — no longer would I be able to see the wondrous thundercloud formation outside of Ann Arbor, or the ad-hoc tire repair at bike polo, or making coffee with a Chemex at Ugly Mug. Google, in all of its wisdom, has essentially no support, even when I'm a paying customer, so those videos have been stuck, somewhere in the aether, unwatched, unloved.

So here's where you come in. If you can get my videos back, then you'll be the Recruiter at Google who Got Me to Interview.