Sat, 23 Feb 2008

Pyremctl 0.1

Today reenforced the rule that if I need to understand something really bizare, I need to go to the Ugly Mug and start drinking espresso.

For over two years I've wanted to write a python module for remctl (I remember working on this sitting out on the patio of Stomping Grounds, back in Ames). My initial attempt was using SWIG, which generated incredibly ugly code and required a small but annoying change to the remctl source. I abandoned that and decided I should try to write, from scratch, a Python module in C. This went nowhere quickly. It seems (to me, at least) that the documentation and examples on writing a Python module in C are a bit lacking.

Today, for some reason, it started to make sense. In a few hours I had a module that implements the "simple" remctl interface, and a wrapper module around that so I can do sanity checking and argument marshallling in Python, instead of having to do all that nonsense in C. The next step, well, the next step is to get more testing of it done. The next thing on the todo list, then, is to implement the "complex" remctl interface. This will be a little bit more difficult, for two reasons. The first reason, which I don't think will be all that hard, is that I'll have to pass around an opaque remctl struct from the C layer to Python and back. The second reason is that I will want to use the remctl_commandv, which uses iovecs, something I've never used before. That also doesn't look too terribly hard, just something new to try.

You can find the code here.

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Sat, 16 Feb 2008

2008 Loveless Alleycat

Because there's nothing more fun than biking in 20 degree F. weather, I headed over to help out with the Loveless Alleycat, put on by Jimmy. I wimped out and strapped the Croque Monsieur to the back of the General T'so for the ride over to Ann Arbor, since I really haven't ridden since Night of the Living Tread II.

The race seemed quick. Ten stops people went to, then they came to my checkpoint, where I pointed them to the end at Ambrosia, a coffee shop on Maynard. People started showing up not more than a half-hour after the start. I wandered over the coffee shop after a good chunk of people had stopped to chat and enjoy a hot chocolate. First time I've ever been in this place, which was kinda nice. Apparently they've recently opened the basement, where we all congregated afterwards. I noticed they had a rack of loose-leaf tea, so I should stop there sometime and see if they make it properly.

Pictures, as usual, can be found here.

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Fri, 15 Feb 2008

2008 Coffee House of Record Report

One of the first things I did when I moved to Ypsilanti was to search for my Coffee House of Record — the place that was my coffee house. After some searching, I decided February of last year to make the Ugly Mug my CHoR.

My habbit, since I came with the idea a couple years ago with Stomping Grounds back in Ames was to keep track of everything I spent, and add it up each year. It's interesting to keep track of that, and in any case keeping useless data is my kind of thing.

So, in the year 16 February 2007 until 15 February 2008, I spent a total of $467.29 on 183 different days visiting the Mug. That averages out to just over $2.55 per vist, or just over $8.98 a week. It adds up, but really, most evenings I hang out there, and it's pretty much my default entertainment. $9 a week is pretty cheap entertainment.

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